Top five single issues for the first half of 2009

July 9, 2009 at 2:42 am (Uncategorized)

            The first half of the year had a lot of great comics but here are the five that stand out for me:

Batman and Robin #1        batman-and-robin-1-batman-4997770-594-915

Deciding on the fifth spot was harder than the other four. There were a lot of great titles to choose from but Batman and Robin edged them out due to this being the first adventure of Batman since Grayson took the cowl. The thing that impressed me about this issue is Morrison and Quitely’s ability to convey that it’s Dick Grayson behind the cowl.

This floppy did a lot in its quick read. Batman and Robin managed to change the dynamic of the Bat-vers and show that Gotham didn’t die with Bruce gone. Morrison did an excellent job on making a fun issue that can be deadly serious. Quitely was the right choice as artist his art is both beautiful and disturbing which increases the impact for Pyg’s introduction.


Detective Comics 854detective-854

Holy cow it’s another Batman title! Obviously the Bat-vers has me the most excited, but when you have Morrison, Yost, Winick, Dini, and Detective’s new writer Rucka all working away setting up a new status-quo it’s kind of hard not to be. Detective 854 is the first appearance of Batwoman in some time, two years almost. She was one of my favorite characters in 52 and with a issue like this, continues to be high on my list.

            Detective 854 makes it on this list because of J.H. Williams III flow of art, his page and panel sequencing is remarkable. Normally I don’t like crazy panel sequencing, mostly because artist usually end up making it too confusing, but what Williams has accomplished is amazing. Never was I lost on which panel to go to next, the story just flowed. Like Batman and Robin the book read fast but it doesn’t matter, everything including the Question secondary story make this book worth the money.


Phonogram The Singles Club #3phonogram3

The first two issues of Phonogram The Singles Club could have made it on this list but this one truly diserves its spot. Even though Detective and Batman & Robin were solid titles this issue towers above them. This book does many things right and proves that there is music on the page. Just looking at the last page you can hear the thump of base and feel the club lights on your skin.

 Some of Kerion’s musical references are heavy and obscure at times but that doesn’t matter much because the story is strong. The true strength of this story is how quickly you get the characterizations of the beautifully drawn cast. It’s not only Kerions words that illustrate the character but McKelvie’s ever improving art and Mathew Wilsons stunning eye for color.


Invincible #62invincible_cov62

This book should have been a silent issue. Why? Because Ryan Ottley’s art is that good. This issue got a lot of negative feed back, people saying that there wasn’t much story in this issue. Obviously they don’t know how to read comics, because with each panel there’s a wealth of information. Characters facial expression explains exactly what they feel and there’s no mistaking it. The pacing is pitch perfect.  Kirkman deserves credit on this too, his dialog wasn’t needed but his words were. He knows Ottley’s strengths and wrote to them.

            Over all, this entire book is a great example of how to tell a story through the art. A lot of writers get obsessed with caption boxes and word balloons to convey ideas. Kirkman and Ottley have gotten to that point in their careers to show that’s not true.


Justice Society #26JSA2

Justice Society #26 gets the coveted number one spot due to the strong characterizations in the book. I’ve been on this current run since issue #1 and its hard to think its only been 26 issues since I started. I could go gushing on this one, but it’s the only comic on the list to get me to tear up. The last page where Starman turns to us, breaking the fourth wall, and says “Thanks everyone” I lost it. It was a bitter sweet ending, even though I know all these characters will still be written the only difference is they won’t be written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Eaglesham. I’ve grown accustom of Johns admiration for these characters and Eaglesham’s ability to draw this almost Norman Rockwellian style of comic art. It’s going to be hard opening up Willinghams Justice Society and not compare it to this strong run.


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