Top Tweets for 1/11/09 to 1/17/09

January 18, 2009 at 9:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Holy Hell this was a hard week to choose from, there were some good posts but I think these were the best. The cream of the crop one would say. I think I’m going to make this a reoccurring thing on my blog, but also keep putting it up on my notes in facebook, let the people who don’t know twitter find out what they’re missing! If you haven’t friended me on facebook here’s the link:

And here is my twitter feed if you’re not following me, or don’t have one:

1. fuzzytypewriter When Keanu Reeves learned that he was playing Spike in an upcoming Cowboy Bebop film he reportedly shouted, “Fuck! Not Keanu Reeves!

2. HumphreyLee Ahhh… “morning” coffee on the toilet. That, my friends, is what they call “multi-tasking”, and I’m nothing if but a master of it

3. Dilaudid @Gobo Somebody needs to get out less.

4. chelseabot Umm, I just got rickrolled by Nancy Pelosi: – I declare this meme officially dead now.

5. cathybaron the people who work at REI think im prissy. i mean, i mght be…just a little…. im trying to venture out into the ruggedness though

6. kmellon Just learned “AFK” means “Away From Keyboard.” Dunno what I thought it meant before, but I’m sure it had the word fuck in it.

7. gobo @kahunablair I’m trying to picture how you would play the assoon. It seems awkward

8. neilhimself Tonight: Chip Kidd, followed by a visit to Edgar Allen Poe’s whorehouse

9. McKelvie that girl’s jeans were so tight i could see her hooha

10. heysupergirl I am so sick of people who “know a little bit” about everything under the sun. Right.


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