Some stuff I learned along the way at SDCC

August 15, 2008 at 4:57 pm (Uncategorized)

Well as many of you know I went to San Diego Comic Con for the first time this year, well the ones who follow me via twitter know ( … I’ve been getting a lot more traffic since I did this article, to my surprise not only was it my first interview but I nabbed the first The Singles Club interview. Anyway, I was at Comic Con International this year and the experience has taught me several things. Stuff that might come in handy for next years SDCC.

Get In Shape

When I booked my tickets for Comic Con I figured I would have to do some walking. I did a bunch of practice, doing what I could to get in a bit of shape. It wasn’t enough, sure I felt good Wednesday and I went down to check out the Zoo… and that was the start of my downfall. I went to Preview night and stood in line, after line, after line until the show room floor opened up. By the time the announcement “The exhibition hall will be closing in thirty minutes” blared over the intercom my feet felt like nubs. The following few days I would just show up to panels only to sit down, and Sunday, well I was in the lobby more than I was in the Exhibition hall. But the bright side of the story is this, when I was in more shape than I was before I went to San Diego.


When packing clothing, realize that you’re probably going to be bringing more stuff back than you came with. There are a few things you can do to make room in those bags. Only pack enough clothing to get you by for the trip, just lay all the stuff you think you might need out and cut it in half and you’ll have a good start. Also you don’t need to bring that many shirts along with you because let’s face it you’re going to want that sweet Scott Pilgrim shirt Oni press is selling and you’re just going to wear it the next day. Also Backpacks are better than Fanny packs people… really they are.


I was shocked and amazed when I came out of the A end of the Exhibition hall and saw that there was a Fed-Ex set up wrapping SDCC loot and shipping it off. I highly recommend this for you people getting valuable stuff, like signatures and limited edition statues. I was one of those foolish people who thought that my stuff could make in under the plain in my bag without being damaged. Yea… that was a nice thought. Seriously, pay the extra cash and send that valuable stuff via Fed-Ex to your home, especially now that the Airlines are charging more for extra bags and extra weight. It might be cheaper.

Know your Luggage

Funny story, so I have the duffle bag with wheels on it, it’s a nice bag has enough room to hide a dead hooker in it. Well, I knew the bag had wheels but it wasn’t until the two mile walk that I made from Little Italy to the Air Port that I found out it has a retractable handle (which in hind sight I knew that too). I spent the whole trip dragging the bag using the shoulder strap and that was a pain in the ass. Once I found the handle it was like discovering sliced bread, that two mile walk was easy after that. The moral, don’t be a dumb ass and make sure you know what your luggage does before taking it with you. If it doesn’t have wheels and a handle you might want to buy a new bag.


So if you’re luck like me, you might stumble upon a good location. My hotel was out in Mission Valley, a long way from the Convention Center; however, it did have its perk. The hotel was a three minute walk from the Train line. Granted I had to ride the thing for 40 minutes to get to the Con but it was worth the price of the hotel and the closeness to the train.

The Food

Before you go to the Convention Center it might be a good idea to grab a bit of breakfast, the best place to do that is Mary Jane’s. Yes, as in the name for pot but don’t let that fool you because it’s a restaurant. I found this place through a friend via Twitter and well I was there a lot, not only because the eggs Benedict were amazing but if you sit yourself up at the bar you can have some pretty good conversations. The nature of the place just puts people at ease and you can chit chat with about anyone who sits next to you. Always a fun time.

Salmon up Stream

The last thing I learned at SDCC was this; no matter what direction I was going it was the wrong direction. It was insane, the second you see something cool and try and make your way to it, there is an never ending flow of people going against you. It was worst on Preview night and Sunday because that was where everyone was. Sunday may give you the best deals on trades and stuff because the dealers want to leave with less stuff than they brought but trying to find anything is like a mad house. You’re elbow to elbow with everyone else trying to find a trade. Next year I’m going to look for trades a bit earlier on, you’re going to get some good deals no matter what day of the week you’re there so might as well do it during a less crowded day.

Overall the experience was great; I had fun and met a lot of people. Being at the con made me realize that the comic book guy stereo-type is wrong, we’re not all fat pimply faced men. We’re a bunch of fun loving people who aren’t afraid to have it. We know who we are and well if the rest of the world looks down on that: Fuck them. There is no difference between us and the guys who read Golf Digest and salivate over a new titanium 9 iron.


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