Flash Fiction Script- Untitled

June 6, 2008 at 6:20 pm (Rough Draft, Script, Writting)

The humble apartment of Boris Karloff (no relation to the actor) is filled with knick knacks and doilies. The feel of his house is semi Art Deco with the feel of a time long gone in the past. Inches of cluttered magazines and newspapers cover the surfice of most everything from the floor to the coffee table to the chairs. The sound of the Metropolis outside can be heard in his home, his walls are paper thin it seems. He has a gust today, a detective who is in search for clues to some mystery that Boris could care less about. The detective is looking around the house and notices a cat on a shelf. He goes to pet it but the cat attacks him and hisses. The Detective gives a shocked look to Boris.



I bought a cat off the black market yesterday, I don’t like these “replica” cats they’ve made. They aren’t cats, just fleshy robot-clone things that are made to look like cats. No a real cat has personality, it has claws and it makes you know it too. A cat is attitude amplified; these “replicats” are cute and loveable. Owning one is like owning a sex bot, you don’t feel “real” love for a sex bot, you just get a warm fuzzy feeling because it has to love you. It’s programmed too.


Mechanical voice

Coffee’s done. One lump sugar, two ounces milk and a dash of honey for Mr. Karloff. Detective Blake how do you wish your coffee prepared?


Detective Blake

Five lumps no milk but I would like some honey though.


Mechanical Voice

Very well sir.



(to Blake)

Even though I don’t like replicant creatures I have to admit that I enjoy being around long enough to enjoy such exciting technology. So Mr. Blake

(A cart droid rolls out of the kitchen and hands Boris two coffees. He hands one to Detective Blake)

what do I have to do with this investigation.


Detective Blake

I’m not entirely sure, my contacts say that you were the guy to talk to about the Bush project.



(Large laughter)

The Bush project… pah-leese Mr. Blake that’s just an urban myth from the turn of the century.


Detective Blake

Yea, that’s what I thought until I found three identical dead bodies.


Some one killing replicants? What does that have to do with The Bush project?


Detective Blake

Not replicates, true clones. The bureau’s DNA investigator confirmed it. Not only were they clones but they were enhanced. According to the DNAI every single one of these bodies had been “naturally” enhanced, some may say that they were super human.



You found three dead Steve Rogers, that’s funny.


Detective Blake

I bet it is, anyway I decided to take a look into your past Mr. Karloff and I notice that I can’t find anything about you before 36. Seems like you didn’t even exist before then.



Fine, just get on with it. You already know who I am… so lets cut the bull shit so I can save myself the headache yes I’m Dr. Xavier Morrison, I was a member of Captain Project or as the conspiracy nuts like to call it The Bush project. God knows why those nuts think that that retard had anything to do with what we were doing in Arizona, I’ll never know.




In the remote mountains of Arizona there stands a lab, inside of it a group of scientist, philosophers, and business men meet. Project Captain is what is referred to what is going on here.


Boris V.O.

I was fresh out of Berkeley’s Medical program. I was a regular Doogy Houser.


Detective Blake V.O.



Boris V.O.

Never mind. I was twenty one already a Masters in the field of human Genome research. I may have not been the first man to map it but I was the first man to figure out what shit did. I was studding it since it was mapped, I was ten at the time. I was super smart, still am. Even with all the knowledge that I uncovered in my short span of life I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to witness. For narrative sake are you a fan of H.P. Lovecraft?


Detective Blake V.O.

Doesn’t he have something to do with all those kids dressing in black wearing eyeliner.



Boris V.O.

Um..noooo… well maybe a little bit…. but anyway he was this writer from the turn of last century. He lived in New England and wrote about some pretty terrifying stuff. Everyone pretty much considered it dreary fiction… and for the most part it was. H.P. Lovecraft wrote about this one monster, not really a monster so much as a being of god like status. To truly grasp what he was you would be driven mad, utterly insane.


Detective Blake V.O.

Okay so what does this have to do with the dead clones.


Boris V.O.

I was getting to it but since you are so impatient, the monster Cthulhu was found in hibernation like state, he was the very mountains themselves. The Captain project was created by private investors, U.S. Congressmen and your typical line of corporate investors. They all wanted one thing, to discover if we could use this thing, and make sure the thing never woke up.


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