What got me into comics and what kept me

May 9, 2008 at 1:19 am (Life, nostalgia) (, )

Here’s some questions I got from Kevin’s Tumble. I don’t talk about comics that much on my blog because I like to keep it to the professionals but heck I’m a sucker for nostalgia so here you go. Here are the questions: (if you want to do it copy past)



1. What was the first comic you remember reading?

2. What was the first comic that made you realize that you might be in this for the long haul?

3. If you had to make a snap decision to take one comic or one comic run to a desert island, what would it be? Don’t think too hard!


  1. The first comic I remember reading, well I would be hard to say meanings how I can’t remember which one I read first but I know it’s one of these three.


  1. When I got back into comics about 15-16 it was the Top Cow and Cliffhanger titles that drew me in. I’m still a fan of the Cliffhanger line I don’t think they ever relesed a crappy comic to my knowledge however Crimson was the only series to finish its run with Cliffhanger. Everything else just kind of ended, no warning they just kind of forgot they were doing it. “Oh shit, Battle Chasers was supose to come out this month… awh screw it they won’t notice it’s missing”.



The when I got back into comics after College it was all about the Green Latern Rebirth

  1. Sandman, the entire run. I love the series and I always find something new when I read it. I think it’s the best series out there and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in comics. Well if I think they can handle it otherwise I tend to recommend Y: That Last Man or Watchmen.

Here are some links to others:

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  1. jonathan said,

    i have fun with comics also.. Indiana Jones Adventure is my favorite. 😉

  2. kwoktalk said,

    Oh man, I loved Silver Surfer as a kid. I remember getting super excited about Silver Surfer #50 with the embossed cover!

  3. Daniel Emmons said,

    @Kwoktalk The Silver Surfer was a weird one for me as a kid. I loved him but I didn’t know why. Well actually it was the Surf Board and the fact that he was SILVER and in space. I remeber just always like him though, I think my older brother might have had something to do with it.

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