The Silver Falcon and Avenger-Boy break up: A Crimson Army Side Story

May 8, 2008 at 10:55 pm (Short Story, The Crimson Army Chronicle, Writting) (, , , )

First off this is set in the Continuity of The Crimson Army however its not the second part in The Crimson Army serial, its more of a side note or side story that I had rattling around in my brain. You can blame Dave Accampo for putting this idea in my head, I was listening to the Fuzzy Typewriter podcast when he mentioned using blogs and linking to add more to a story and let the reader determine how deep they want to get into a story. As you can tell I think it’s a great idea and I’m just testing it out with this.


Secondly, I don’t know if I like this, it fits into the universe and all just I don’t think I like the voice of it. It’s not comical enough, but as I see these characters this is how they would act. I did originally see The Silver Falcon as a Tick like character, but I don’t think it fits him. I’m seeing him more as a Malcolm or Angel right now but a little more oblivious.  Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I may tweak this a bit as I go, I’ve already gave it a good edit and I know I’m going to have to come back again. Thanks Dan




          “I’m not your maid! I’m a Boy Wonder I hope you know!” Avenger Boy screamed at the Silver Falcon. “They have child labor laws!”

          “Like I haven’t heard that excuse before, just clean up the mess Tom. It looks like one of the Crimson Army Henchmen lost his nerve on his way up”.  The Silver Falcon couldn’t help but almost vomit himself. What is it about seeing vomit that makes you want to vomit?  he thought.

          “No kidding, and I ever wonder why Batman beat you out for the title of Worlds greatest detective”

          “Damn it Tom, you know Batman is a clear knock off!”

          “Yes, because a comic book created fifty years before you were born clearly is just a rip off from you! Wow, Bob Kane must have seen into the future and picked the lamest Superhero and to avoid Copy write laws changed him just enough to avoid his inevitable lawsuit!”

          “I only lost because my lawyer was incompetent. You missed a spot”

          “That’s it I’m so done with this shit!” Avenger Boy threw down his scrub brush and started to march off up the stairs.

          “Tom that is not language befitting a Side-kick!” Avenger boy stopped and turned to the Silver Falcon and looked him squarely in the eyes.

          “First off Hank, I’m seventeen. And second of all you can get your self a new boy “wonder”. I’m done with being the Side-kick and the butt of every one’s gay joke. You know what I’ve been thinking about it and I’m going to do it, I’m going out on my own.” The Silver Falcon stood in awe at Avenger-boy’s statement, or Tom Young now that he just gave up the mantle of Avenger-boy.

          “You know what!” The Silver Falcon threw his hands up in the air, “I don’t need a Side-kick I did just fine before I adopted you.”

          “Fine” Tom Young growled

          “Just FINE then!” Silver Falcons jaws clenched together as he spoke grinding his teeth at a very audible level.

          “FINE!” Tom shouted and stormed upstairs to grab his stuff.

A moment of silence filled the Silver Citadel before The Falcon shouted up to Tom.

          “We’re still on for the Charity diner tonight right?” The tone of the Falcons voice was calm and centered, a total change from seconds before. His voice sounded almost fatherly.  

          “Yes, Naomi Brook would never forgive us if we didn’t show up for her Save the Forest Gala, you do realize she is the Emerald Queen right?”.

          “What kind of detective would I be if I didn’t know that… Really? Damn it, why do all the crazy chicks have the hots for me?” The Silver Falcon thought for a moment “Do you think she knows that I’m Hank Masterson? Na, probably not, well I will meet you at the Masterson Manor in a couple of hours, I still have to clean up the Crimson Army mess, I’m sure this isn’t the only vomit on the steps.” The Silver Falcon picked up the scrub brush and started to clean the vomit “What the heck, did these guys stop at a fast food joint before coming over?” The Falcon said to himself as he scrubbed away the stain.


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