Writing for Comics with Peter David- A Gonzo Punk book review

April 22, 2008 at 2:32 pm (Book, Review) (, , , )

Writing for Comics with Peter David


            Let me start off by saying I thought this book would be more then what it was, I thought it was going to give me a bigger insight into writing comics then it did. Writing for Comics with Peter David does what most these books do, give you the basics and really doesn’t give you much detail into any particular area. Don’t come into this book expecting to have extensive knowledge in writing comics.

            If you have little to no knowledge of writing or the history of comics this is the book for you. Peter David gives you enough information in this book so that you have everything you need to start writing. He covers everything from Character Development to Theme to Plot Devices and never comes off as to pretentious while he’s doing it. He uses a lot of his own work as an example but also uses heavily from Stan Lee’s work in comics and Joss Whedon’s Buffy.

            Now, I have had some experience from writing and pretty much knew most of the angles that Peter David was talking about in the book but it was still worth the read. First off, as a writer you should always be learning and researching to get ideas. Secondly, the book gives you an insight to Peter’s work, how he comes up with ideas and how he executes them. As much as he tries to make this book seem like a generic For Dummies book, it comes off as more of an insight into his process.

            I learned a lot from this book, not what I wanted but I think it did get my mind working on new angles to attack a story. There are some downsides to this book. I didn’t like how the book reads, its basically one giant sized magazine with side bars that break the flow quite often. Some of the side bars offered writing exercises that I would have to say are sub par at best, they were dumb down and not quite as insightful as I felt the should be.

            Over all I think this book was good, and I would recommend anyone interested in comic writing or in Peter David to pick it up. The guy is able to take something should be totally boring and trite and make it something that is a page turner. He has a knack for doing that kind of stuff and that’s why X-factor is (in my opinion) the best comic book on the market.


Buy this book if you’re a writer or Peter David fan, otherwise go to your local library and pick it up.  


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