Flash Fiction Character Exploration: When Rufus met Lindsey

April 19, 2008 at 11:29 am (Flash Fiction, Rough Draft, Short Story, Writting)

He is fantastic, Lindsey thought as she fell to the bed her body still flexing from orgasm. It was probably one of the best sexual experiences she had ever had, which is saying a lot. Lindsey Cunningham was a woman of the 90’s, the new breed of woman who took what she wanted, when she wanted it. This is what led her here, in the bed of Rufus Cartwright.

            Lindsey had been out touring the LA open mic nights searching for new talent when she stumbled upon Rufus, he was already on stage when she got to Brew Baker’s Coffee shop. Rufus was playing some popish folk music, a cover of a Paul Simon song Me and Julio by the School Yard. Lindsey noticed right away that Rufus was putting his own spin on it, which made it bearable. Lindsey hated Paul Simon, his music was too mellow and not catchy enough.

            Rufus wrapped up that song and didn’t even pause transforming Me and Julio into something of his own creation. Lindsey was more impressed by this song but it was still too folksy for her.

            “Excuse me” A finger tapped Lindsey on the shoulder. She looked over and saw a man standing in the doorway behind her, she was blocking the door. Giving the man a embarrassing smile Lindsey moved out of his way and found an out of the way table. She had a hunch that something was going to happen in this coffee shop tonight, hopefully it would be the catch of a life time. She was determined to find the next Cobain and this looked as good of a place as any.

            Rufus’s fifteen minute set wrapped up and he looked out into the crowed for the first time since he started. Great I bored another crowed to death, Rufus thoughts chided him, I should just give up everyone wants a post grunge sound anymore. As Rufus looked around he noticed a person who seemed out of place, a woman dressed in a business suit. Hot damn! A recording Rep!

            Wanting to get at her before any of the other musicians in the place spot her Rufus shuffles off the stage quickly towards her table.

            “Hello, I’m Rufus Cartwright” he said as he got to the table. Before Lindsey could reply Rufus added “Did you get to see the whole set?”

            “No, I came into the place right in the middle of your Paul Simon cover”

            “Wait,” Rufus all of a sudden felt a wave of panic, “You’re a recording rep right?”

            “Yes, Lindsey Cunningham of Corporate Records.” Rufus felt some relief as the words came out of Lindsey’s mouth.

            “Wow, you actually knowing who Paul Simon was had me scared you weren’t”

            “That’s ridiculous, how could anyone working in the recording business not know who Paul Simon is?”

            “You would be surprised, I’ve met a few who didn’t know music existed before New Kids on the Block appeared. So what did you think?” Rufus asked.


            “My set, the bit of it you caught.”

            “It was good” Rufus grimaced when Lindsey said those words.

            “Let me guess, good but un-marketable?”

            “You’ve been to the rodeo before then?”

            “Unfortunately” Rufus flagged down a Barista and made an order. “So you thought my set was good?”

            “Well, no I don’t like folk music all that much.”

            “Ah, let me guess you are a grunge girl huh?” Rufus flashed a smile

            “Hehe… No, you would be surprised to know that I’m not really a fan of Grunge. I thought the business suit gave that away”.

            “I’m not really up on my fashion trends so it could have passed me up. So what music are you into?”

            “I’m a country Gal, have been and always will be”.

            “That’s cool, would have never pegged you as a country listener.” an awkward silence erupted between the two as they sat there. The barista brought Rufus his coffee and as soon as she left Rufus pulled out a flask and poured in a bit of bourbon. “Do you want some?” Rufus offers the flask to Lindsey.

            It was at that moment the night turned, something about Rufus appealed to Lindsey. She couldn’t tell what it was, even as she laid looking at him now in his bed she couldn’t put a finger on it. The guy had a magnetism about him, a charm that excited  simple charisma. I could use this, Lindsey thought.

            “Hey, Rufus this might not be the best time but do you want a job? We could use some one like you at Corporate, some one who knows what it’s like to be a struggling musician. I would make it worth it.”



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