Top five single issues for the first half of 2009

July 9, 2009 at 2:42 am (Uncategorized)

            The first half of the year had a lot of great comics but here are the five that stand out for me:

Batman and Robin #1        batman-and-robin-1-batman-4997770-594-915

Deciding on the fifth spot was harder than the other four. There were a lot of great titles to choose from but Batman and Robin edged them out due to this being the first adventure of Batman since Grayson took the cowl. The thing that impressed me about this issue is Morrison and Quitely’s ability to convey that it’s Dick Grayson behind the cowl.

This floppy did a lot in its quick read. Batman and Robin managed to change the dynamic of the Bat-vers and show that Gotham didn’t die with Bruce gone. Morrison did an excellent job on making a fun issue that can be deadly serious. Quitely was the right choice as artist his art is both beautiful and disturbing which increases the impact for Pyg’s introduction.

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Lennon in wait

July 7, 2009 at 8:31 am (Uncategorized)

            Death can be felt, it’s a pain of disconnecting from the physical self. Snapping out of reality to meet the something beyond. All this started with a guy, gun, and bullet in the door way. Synapse of lights extinguish, letting supernovas of color go haywire. Taking forms of meter long bubbles, engulfing the soul.

            No hate, rage, anger, fear, pity, or regret washed over the victim. A life of peace led to a death in pieces. The bubbles ate away the corporal, a suffering body no more. Later on the world would claim this as a tragedy but this moment, it was destiny.

            The annuals of history would weep, fans would morn, wife and son would go on. Few would understand the importance of his last moment, what happen in that split second after the last beat. Only in the book of Vinyl did it get noted, only the sect knew that in those supernovas of color a new age was meant to be born. Unfortunately, it never came to be, the world couldn’t handle peace. Now the bug that was destine for divinity only slumbers stirring for hope.

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No Title

June 11, 2009 at 9:59 am (Uncategorized)

Dark and musky basements around the world fill with the smell of incense and skunk. Hums of bloody knifes rang in the foreground of white noise as the ritual unfolded. It’s a spell, a summoning. Acid laced treats passed around in an abandon mint tins, visions of walruses dilate in unsteady eyes. Participant link up to create an international web of will. 10:48pm strikes and the worshipers start to chant. That moment the bullet hit flesh, it’s the moment of his ascension. The book of Vinyl foretold of December 8th, destiny decreed it, which was the day a common bug became a divinity.

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Top Tweets for the last week of January 2009

February 1, 2009 at 3:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Well another week bites the dust and here we have my weekly tweet list thing… Yea, anyway there were a few good ones this week and a few I feel that I missed. As much as a shut in as I am, I can’t catch them all! Anyways this weeks an interesting one, McKelve has been pushed off the list but his Phonogram Co-conspirator (Kieron) makes his first appearance, HumphreyLee (Joe) is giving me too many choices (If I didn’t limit myself to one tweet per-person today’s list would be his twitter feed!), and Paul a.k.a. The Fuzzytypewriter does the columnists proud by synching up the top spot.

1. fuzzytypewriter I’ve still only ever seen the sequences in TITANIC relevant to a 13 year old boy.

2. snorlaxasaur And now theres this guy at Subway who thinks hes 2009’s answer for Tommy Chong

3. HumphreyLee Ah, video games. Almost as fun as a real girl, but way more fun than a dead one… well, okay, I guess that depends on how fresh she is

4. DreamGoldenHaze German word of the day: der Geschlechtsverkehr. Definition: sex. Literal translation: Gender traffic. Tee-hee.

5. kahunablair Remember folks, Bush wasn’t a bad president. We were all just too stupid to see how great he was

6. R_m_C What did 1 Illinois prisoner say to the other? The food sure was better in here when you were governor

7. kmellon most people just want someone to listen to them. It’s unfortunate these people don’t have anything interesting to say

8. The_jimski (the fact that there’s a cute, common nickname for the way an Xbox always breaks is a huge part of the reason why I don’t have one)


10. Winyder The soda fountain machine at Lenny’s just fired off the coke nossle at me. Holy random happenstance, Batman!

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Top Tweets for 1/11/09 to 1/17/09

January 18, 2009 at 9:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Holy Hell this was a hard week to choose from, there were some good posts but I think these were the best. The cream of the crop one would say. I think I’m going to make this a reoccurring thing on my blog, but also keep putting it up on my notes in facebook, let the people who don’t know twitter find out what they’re missing! If you haven’t friended me on facebook here’s the link:

And here is my twitter feed if you’re not following me, or don’t have one:

1. fuzzytypewriter When Keanu Reeves learned that he was playing Spike in an upcoming Cowboy Bebop film he reportedly shouted, “Fuck! Not Keanu Reeves!

2. HumphreyLee Ahhh… “morning” coffee on the toilet. That, my friends, is what they call “multi-tasking”, and I’m nothing if but a master of it

3. Dilaudid @Gobo Somebody needs to get out less.

4. chelseabot Umm, I just got rickrolled by Nancy Pelosi: – I declare this meme officially dead now.

5. cathybaron the people who work at REI think im prissy. i mean, i mght be…just a little…. im trying to venture out into the ruggedness though

6. kmellon Just learned “AFK” means “Away From Keyboard.” Dunno what I thought it meant before, but I’m sure it had the word fuck in it.

7. gobo @kahunablair I’m trying to picture how you would play the assoon. It seems awkward

8. neilhimself Tonight: Chip Kidd, followed by a visit to Edgar Allen Poe’s whorehouse

9. McKelvie that girl’s jeans were so tight i could see her hooha

10. heysupergirl I am so sick of people who “know a little bit” about everything under the sun. Right.

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